Isotrak offers Business Driven Intelligence

Isotrak Inc, a provider of fleet management software and fleet telematics systems, has unveiled its latest solution, Business Driven Intelligence (BDI).

A SaaS dashboard, BDI helps customers identify opportunities to drive efficiencies internally as well as across their total supply chain. The analytics tool not only provides real insight into a fleet’s performance across all areas of the business, but it also finds new ways to monitor performance, identify savings, and offer a fresh perspective on management data delivered from Isotrak’s flagship fleet management system.

Isotrak’s approach to 2016 is to look at traditional business practices and examine how things can be done better and with an emphasis on ROI. While companies in the telematics sector have focused on data and intelligence their internal systems can provide, BDI turns this business model around. BDI leverages both internal data to help customers drive efficiencies as well as third-party data—whether suppliers or even competitors—in order to benefit all parties involved.

With Isotrak’s 3iS FleetVision product, the company gives users total visibility into all of their inbound arrivals, whether at the store, depot, or distribution center—regardless of which supplier, vehicle, or tracking system they use. The possibilities for normalizing data across many different systems is now a reality.

Leveraging 3iS, as well as Big Data and a history of integration expertise, Isotrak has created an intelligent dashboard architecture capable of identifying utilization trends, fuel saving benefits, and asset-sharing opportunities to give users a better view of their entire transport ecosystem.

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