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JDA integrates MacroPoint software

MacroPoint, creator of the patented freight visibility platform designed to give shippers and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) real-time visibility into load status, announced that JDA Software Group Inc has integrated MacroPoint software into its transportation management system (TMS).

 With MacroPoint Shipper Edition software, JDA users can now seamlessly manage and track their shipments from start to finish.

“Integrating our patented freight visibility platform with JDA’s premier TMS confirms there is no substitution for MacroPoint’s visibility platform offering,” said Dave Halsema, executive vice-president at MacroPoint.

As a leading provider of supply chain planning and execution solutions, JDA works with the top retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and 3PLs.

“We are excited to add the power of MacroPoint’s real-time visibility platform and a carrier visibility network to our growing ecosystem of transportation partners,” said Fabrizio Brasca, vice-president, solution strategy, intelligent fulfillment at JDA. “The integration will provide our customers with the most comprehensive supply chain support in the industry.”

To date, more than one million drivers and approximately 10 million connected trucks are part of the MacroPoint Carrier Visibility Network. Additional information is provided at

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