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Keeping an eye on a fleet's whereabouts

According to a recent study of business supervisors commissioned by TeleNav Inc., 94% of those who deploy corporate vehicles are completely unaware of their fleets' location during work hours.

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software and GPS-enabled cell-phones allow companies to know where their vehicles are at any given time. Through this, businesses of all sizes are able to increase their productivity and reduce costs.

For example, line managers can use GPS tracking to review routes to see if trips are running longer than expected, or determine the vehicle nearest to the customer and dispatch more efficiently. Additionally, MRM services can estimate how long it will take a vehicle to reach a customer's location, which can help increase overall customer satisfaction.

TeleNav's MRM service, TeleNav Track, uses cost-effective GPS mobile phones and an Internet-connected computer to give companies visibility into their fleets. Since TeleNav Track is a web-based hosted service, companies do not need to install special software on their computers and do not require an upfront IT investment.

TeleNav Track includes a variety of workforce management features, including GPS tracking / reporting and navigation, as well as wireless job dispatching, wireless forms, and barcode scanning. To order, visit

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