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KGL TC chooses FMS tracking systems

When it comes to safe, reliable, and cost-effective movement of goods in the Middle East, KGL Transportation Company (KGL TC) is a leader. With a workforce of more than 1,000 and a fleet of more than 2,500 trucks, the company has built a 25-year track record for providing the fastest transit time by road within the region to both government and commercial organizations.

KGL TC provides logistical mission support to the coalition forces and their vendors including transportation between Kuwait and Iraq. To support the U.S. military's requirements for real-time information, asset and driver safety, and availability, KGL TC turned to Fleet Management Solutions Inc. (FMS) for its Iridium-based fleet tracking capabilities.

FMS, a provider of GPS fleet tracking and All-Satellite Mobile Resource Management systems, is noted for its success in the natural resources, government, military, oil and gas, construction and mining, and logistics industries operating in rugged and remote environments.

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