Latest version of PC*MILER is released

ALK Technologies has released PC*MILER 32, the latest version of its PC*MILER truck routing, mileage and mapping software. Highlights of the new release include:

•ALK Content Tools, a new cloud-based web tool for creating, managing and sharing custom location and route management content.

Creation and management of Places and Route Modifiers has moved from within PC*MILER to ALK Content Tools. Users can continue to save and quickly access frequently geocoded business or stop locations when route planning, as well as modify routing preferences by avoiding or favoring road segments. With migration of these management features to the web, this content no longer needs to be manually backed up or moved locally between versions.

•A Site Manager feature that better defines locations with truck entry and exit gates for improved last mile routing and directions, precise mileage, and accurate drive times.

Users can enhance their custom Places by drawing a boundary polygon around a site perimeter and adding truck entry and exit gates. As street addresses and actual entry and exit locations may differ greatly, Site Manager can improve the accuracy of mile and cost calculations, directly affecting rates, billing, and driver pay. A defined site provides more granular turn-by-turn directions to help keep drivers safe and alleviate stress when approaching and departing a destination.

•Faster route insight with enhanced workflow features for efficiency and productivity. Now, users can more quickly generate PC*MILER’s Mileage report for trip leg and overall miles and immediately view the additional distance impact when inserting a stop along a route. Additionally, users can more easily create or modify a route by quickly inserting multiple stops at once using the new Quick Add Stop Entry feature.

With each release, ALK’s team of map data experts add new highways and local roads along with commercial vehicle restrictions and allowances, as well as new construction projects. Also, specialized Places, including Distribution Centers, truck stops, and rest areas are added to ensure safe and efficient routing while getting the most precise mileage.

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