LeanTMS Mobile platform brings power of SaaS network to driver’s smartphone

LeanLogistics, a global solutions provider of transportation management systems (TMS), applications, and supply chain services, and part of the Brambles Group, has announced the launch of LeanTMS Mobile.
This dedicated mobile access platform is being rolled out to carriers within the LeanLogistics network—a global SaaS network of shippers, carriers, and trade partners.
LeanTMS Mobile provides a driver-centric interface through which drivers provide visibility on their activity within the LeanLogistics network. Drivers can quickly update LeanTMS load assignments with the easy-to-use smartphone interface. This streamlines the communication process, reducing administrative tasks for carrier companies by enabling the driver to update the shipper directly.
“The carrier mobile site really allows us to focus on the mobile enablement of the driver,” said Josh Hunt, head of product management at LeanLogistics. “We are supporting mobile connectivity for our clients and their carrier partners, allowing updates to come directly from the source that is performing the activities and removing several layers that are present today in EDI or manual processes.”
Chris Timmer, chief commercial officer of LeanLogistics, said, “The LeanLogistics network connects to more than 13,000 carriers around the world. By providing a better experience for the carrier community, we help our clients reduce cost and improve service through visibility, risk mitigation, and stronger carrier partnerships.”
The carrier mobile site is the latest in a series of technology advancements designed to improve connectivity of all participants in the LeanLogistics network, resulting in better supply chain performance.
For more information, see www.LeanLogistics.com or call 877-828-5861.

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