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Linescape offers FRESCO freight rate exchange

FRESCO, the new Freight Rate Exchange for Shipping Containers, raises the bar in competitive purchasing and sales for the freight forwarding sector and buyers of freight services (shippers).

The service has been launched by Linescape and builds on the success of the company’s online search engine for container sailing schedules, hosting schedules from more than 120 shipping lines.

FRESCO connects the two main groups of visitors in Linescape’s user base, giving each immediate and easy access to each other for initiating bookings and a business relationship.

“We bring together shippers and forwarders, requesting and offering freight rate quotations, all seamlessly tied in to our sailing schedule search engine,” said Linescape’s co-founder Dimitrios Sogas.

“Users can now leverage the huge user base Linescape has assembled and simplify the task of gathering quotes or finding new customers,” he said. “With just a few simple steps, a shipper can request quotes from a much larger group of forwarders than would previously have been feasible. And similarly, forwarders can reach a much wider customer base, all made possible by the broad appeal of Linescape’s simple and powerful sailing schedules search engine.”

FRESCO users seeking to book a shipment on a specific route can seek a quotation from many logistics providers at one time with just one request, ensuring the users receive the most competitive prices.

“Since FRESCO does not represent either party, users can be sure that they are getting the best possible offer, directly from the logistics provider,” said Sogas.

Freight forwarders and other logistics providers establish a FRESCO membership, select the nations from where they wish to offer quotations, and then start receiving rate requests by email. An added benefit for forwarders is that their company contact details are included in Linescape’s directory and appear in Linescape search results, increasing their visibility to thousands of potential new customers.

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