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LTL Load Management

There is a wide variety of comprehensive less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation management software and systems available that automate a number of tasks, including dispatching, scheduling, online reservations, accounting, and warehousing. Here is a sampling.

TruckMate 8.0 has 4,000-plus improvements

TMW Systems Inc has released TruckMate 8.0, an enterprise software system for trucking fleets and logistics providers.

TruckMate is a package of operations, dispatching, and accounting software that provides tools for logistics, less-than-truckload, and dedicated carriers. The new release builds on these functions and adds more than 4,000 enhancements. These include updated filtering abilities, full-monitoring support, and multiple AR/AP improvements.

Additional benefits of the software are:

  • New Streamlined User Interface

  • Enhanced LTL and Cross-Dock Support, complete with Carrier Assignment windows and a wireless cross-dock application

  • Enhanced Detention Billing Module

  • Simplified Report access, along with nearly 100 new standard reports

  • Support for TMW Imaging, D2Link, The Dawg, and Driver's Seat

The new version is certified for use on Windows Vista and supports 64-bit database operating systems.

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Cadec, TMW team up to aid productivity

Cadec Global has announced a partnership with TMW Systems Inc that will help joint clients track and improve trucking fleet and dispatch productivity.

TMW enables carriers to easily integrate vital, real-time data from every facet of their operations into a single system to maximize operational efficiency, deliver superior customer service, and ensure long-term profitability. Cadec offers “driver-centric” fleet management systems that measure driver performance, monitor critical safety and compliance aspects, optimize fuel use, and accelerate delivery times.

As a result of this new partnership, the next version of Cadec's fleet management software will feature web services APIs that enable out-of-the-box integration with the TMWSuite enterprise management system. The integrated TMW/Cadec system will enable users to:

  • Get real-time status of every truck, driver, and delivery from within their TMW screen.

  • Turn trucks around faster, with accurate, real-time dispatch information.

  • Optimize the load in every truck for greater efficiency and maximized revenue per vehicle.

Ameriscan partners with Satamatics

Ameriscan Inc, the American part of the Euroscan Group, has entered into an agreement with Satamatics Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Satamatics Global. Ameriscan provides temperature monitoring and trailer tracking capabilities to the logistics and shipping industries globally using multiple communication methods, such as GPRS Global coverage and Bluetooth. Satamatics provides global satellite coverage through the Inmarsat D+ satellite-based packet data network.

Salisbury MD-based Ameriscan has partnered with Satamatics of Libertyville MD to combine the temperature monitoring system of Ameriscan and the satellite communication of Satamatics. This will enable customers to use an HACCP-approved temperature monitoring system and benefit from a reliable two-way satellite network worldwide.

The combined system further incorporates communication with the reefer microprocessor, onboard printing capabilities, and control over a cold chain without compromises.

Alurte enhances fleet route management

Routeware has launched Alurte to better manage a fleet's route operations. The Alurte system features GPS-based tracking, mapping, and alerts to improve information for all levels of an organization. The Alurte system can be expanded and reconfigured to add features.

Alurte provides real-time maps of individual driver/truck locations and movement. By using Alurte, a supervisor will know whether a driver is speeding, idling his truck too long, or involved in unauthorized use. Knowing the truck's proximity to a customer will aid dispatching.

With Alurte, fleet operators can receive immediate e-mail alerts from any Internet or wireless connection to help correct unauthorized actions. Top management can receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries that highlight ways to cut costs. Drivers can review reports and/or receive more accurate performance reviews.

SkyBitz bolsters its asset tracking arsenal

SkyBitz has added two new products to its existing suite: Cargo Sensor and Tractor/Trailer ID.

Cargo Sensor uses ultrasonic technology to monitor the entire length of a trailer. A typical pallet of goods can be detected virtually anywhere in the trailer over a wide range of environmental conditions. Unlike other cargo sensors, the Cargo Sensor is easily installed in a safe location to minimize load damage. SkyBitz designed its Cargo Sensor to be just as easy to install as its Mobile Terminal.

The Tractor/Trailer ID augments current asset tracking by remotely and accurately identifying the tractor that is hooked to the trailer. With it, fleets can rest assured that the correct tractor is picking up the correct trailer. The tractor and trailer notification is communicated through the SkyBitz GLS system and displayed on the InSight Web portal for ease of use.

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