MacroPoint adds 10-4 Systems as licensee

MacroPoint, creator of patented freight tracking software, announced that 10-4 Systems, a Boulder CO-based technology company that provides end-to-end shipment visibility across the entire supply chain, is licensing MacroPoint’s technology.

“We are partnering with MacroPoint because of the vast number of freight carriers already connected to its network,” said Travis Rhyan, president and CEO of 10-4. “Our shipper customers now receive instant visibility to all of their carriers and can visualize the data inside of our dashboard and analytics platform.”

Combining 10-4’s supply chain visibility technology and MacroPoint’s patented freight tracking software, will provide a best-in-class experience for both shippers and carriers. In addition, 10-4 can provide automated alerts for shipments running early, on-time, in jeopardy or late. To ensure accurate data, this information is continuously recalculated to give real-time ETAs and the ability to share this information internally.

MacroPoint is the exclusive owner of US patent #9,429,659 for monitoring location of freight using mobile devices such as ELDs and cell phones that it sells to third parties in the supply chain such as freight brokers and shippers. The company was issued the patent August 30, 2016 after expressly rejecting a protest by a competitor that raised numerous possible grounds against allowance of the patent.

Through integration with in-cab telematics devices, trailer and container tracking systems, driver cell phones and transportation management systems, MacroPoint provides complete visibility to 3PLs, brokers, shippers and carriers. Proprietary predictive analytics software allows third parties to view all loads hauled by a variety of carriers and concentrate on loads at risk for missing delivery windows.

Call 866-960-0328 or go to for further information.

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