MacroPoint helps TTS deliver reliability

MacroPoint, creator of patented freight tracking software designed to give visibility into load status by tracking the location of a driver’s mobile phone or in-cab ELD/GPS devices, announced that TTS LLC is using its solution to deliver reliability and peace of mind to its customers.

Brandon Bandlow, vice-president at TTS, said, “MacroPoint is enabling TTS to set a new standard in third-party logistics transparency through real-time reporting of load location, a gap that persists today in the highly competitive fresh food transportation market. This automated, streamlined process directly translates into more efficiency and profitability for customers who can count on real-time information to drive inventory management strategies. MacroPoint provides an incredible return on investment for TTS and the customers that entrust their freight to us.”

Mount Pleasant MI-based TTS provides third-party transportation and logistics management services for haulers of fresh food products through a national network of carriers. TTS is now providing MacroPoint to its entire customer base at no added cost.

“We want the availability of MacroPoint to have a powerful effect,” said Bandlow. “This technology could easily be used to track every shipment on the road weekly as our customers are introduced to it. We want this capability to be an added benefit to our customers and provide peace of mind. This is a powerful tool when it comes to transparency for our clients in the fresh food industry.”

An initial user of MacroPoint at TTS is Mastronardi Produce, a greenhouse vegetable company. The Kingsville, Ontario-based producer of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers brokers loads through TTS to haul its product from company-owned farms in Mexico and through facilities in Michigan, Florida, and California. MacroPoint is tracking numerous loads for the company, and expects that amount to increase as much as fourfold by winter.

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