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McLeod Driver Scorecard module evaluates performances

McLeod Software announces its newest module to assist LoadMaster IX Version 9.2 truckload carrier customers with driver measurement and management. Integrating with the product’s operations, safety and fuel, and mobile communication components, the Driver Scorecard module can be used by safety and driver managers to evaluate drivers based on key performance indicators (KPIs) over specified time periods.

Driver Scorecard provides carriers with a tool for systematically measuring and reporting on a host of driver activities recorded during various time periods. It can be used to help set driver pay rates, determine bonus payouts, and adjust other components of their compensation package. Safety and driver managers can use the system to evaluate drivers’ performance based on predefined indicators including revenue dollars, revenue miles, service failures, accidents, warning letters, traffic violations, OS & D (over, short, and damage) claims, and tenure.

User-configurable KPIs can also be set up for monitoring activities determined critical for each operation, such as hard braking, log violations, and failure to turn in required paperwork. Using a built-in custom import function, users can also add information from spreadsheets in a format to match the system’s structure.

Having Driver Scorecard functionality available through the LoadMaster system means safety or driver managers can, by viewing one screen, have access to pertinent data to effectively coach, praise, or reprimand drivers during brief conversations soon after actions occur that need to be brought to their attention.

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