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McLeod Software expands into LTL market

McLeod Software expands into LTL market

McLeod Software is introducing LoadMaster LTL, a new product in the company’s enterprise application software for transportation companies. LoadMaster LTL is a complete operations management system for LTL (less-than-truckload) trucking companies and extends the company’s LoadMaster enterprise application beyond the truckload carrier market McLeod has served for the past 25 years.

The company has acquired the products, customers, and professional staff of Enterprise Information Solutions Inc (EIS) of Downer’s Grove IL. Through the success of the EIS Transportation Solution Set (TSS), EIS has achieved a leadership position in the LTL trucking operations software market.

McLeod is integrating the EIS application software product with the company’s flagship LoadMaster enterprise dispatch management system to allow McLeod customers to support a truckload operations model, an LTL operations model, or both operating models within the same enterprise.

The entry of McLeod into the LTL marketplace with a fully functional enterprise management system means this underserved segment of the trucking industry will finally have a choice of systems.

Both McLeod and EIS have built their products on open systems standards using the Java development environment. Additionally, both companies have architected their applications software products to support multiple operating systems, a diverse choice of database management systems, standard graphical user interfaces, and full integration with mobile communications.

Marc Mitchell, EIS founder and director of EIS’s Transportation Practice, will join McLeod as product manager for LoadMaster LTL. He is bringing along the rest of the EIS employees, who are now members of the McLeod team. He and his staff will continue to work from the former EIS Chicago office in Downer’s Grove, which has become McLeod’s new Midwest regional office.

For more information, visit or phone 877-362-5363.

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