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MiX Telematics launches MiX Now

MiX Telematics, a global leader of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, has launched MiX Now—simplified, self-service fleet software that empowers business owners to easily manage their vehicles and drivers.

This software tells business owners or managers where their vehicles and drivers are, reveals how vehicles are being used, and sends useful reminders and alerts, helping to improve safety, efficiency and compliance. Unlike other self-service telematics products, MiX Now is backed by an established global brand with more than 700,000 subscribers, has a simple sign-up process, and offers a great customer experience.

MIX Telematics has traditionally been a strong contender in the premium fleet and asset tracking product categories. With MiX Now, the company is able to actively pursue customers in the light fleet space, starting with the United States.

“With MiX Now, everything you need to run your service fleet is in the palm of your hand,” said Stefan Joselowitz, CEO and founder of MiX Telematics. “The feedback from our beta customers has been very positive, and we’re excited to bring this new plug ‘n play offering to a high growth sector of the market.”

See www.mixtelematics.com or www.mixnow.com for further information.

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