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My Virtual Fleet a “load board on steroids”

My Virtual Fleet (MVF) allows drivers to use their app to mark when they are onsite and when they are loaded; the difference between the two is driver detention time. Using the MVF app, shippers and brokers are notified instantly.

“Carriers are selling time, space and weight,” said Sam Munitz, president of MVF. “The minute there is a difference in the pick-up time and the loaded time, the broker and shipper need to be notified immediately. Our app does that.”

MVF can offer small carriers thousands of loads at great prices. Carriers can search by ZIP code, geo fence and truck size. Finally, cargo vans/small trucks get their own dedicated load board.

“Our members have described us as a load board on steroids. We are easy to use and very affordable,” said Munitz.

“We target the small carrier family business that is being overwhelmed by the complexity of federal and state regulations,” he said. “The broker must get excellent service. The journey must be transparent with updates being available on demand. Using our app, drivers can make themselves Green (available) or Red (unavailable). Brokers can see live where the truck is and contact the carrier.”

How it works: Brokers put loads on the system. Loads are then broadcast to carriers that can filter their vehicle size, geo location and weight. There is a website for the dispatcher and an app for the driver.

MVF is simple and user-friendly. The load board allows brokers to advertise their loads and carriers to advertise trucks.

Go to for more details or call 760-212-0015 for a demo.

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