NACE International, ASM International launch website

NACE International, in collaboration with ASM International has launched a new website,, designed to provide a resource for solutions for control, prediction, and prevention of corrosion problems.

“We are proud to partner in this effort,” said Delmar Doyle, interim executive director of NACE International, and Stan Theobald, managing director of ASM International. “The answers provided here, developed by the world’s top researchers and engineers, have been published in the leading journals and references in our fields. These solutions span the world’s most challenging environments, from aerospace to infrastructure to medical.”

Available on a subscription basis, the service lets corporate employees and university researchers access a combined pool of ASM and NACE research and engineering data to solve a problem.

Along with a complete library of published papers and articles from both societies, the new website features analytical and modeling tools that can aid in comparison and selection of materials and coatings. Collaboration of information makes it easier for members of these two technical societies to choose solutions for virtually any specific application. The website also features advanced collaborative tools allowing network users to interact with each other to further assist in achieving optimal solutions to complex corrosion and materials problems.

Complementing ASM and NACE as collaborative founding partners in the website, ASTM International is a content partner, and Granta provides analytic tools as a technology contributor. Other technical societies are expected to join the network in the future.

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