Networkfleet turns 10 years old

Networkfleet Inc recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. A leading fleet telematics supplier, Networkfleet now has more than 100,000 subscriber vehicles in the United States generating more than 10 million messages daily. Since its founding a decade ago, the company has amassed access to more than 50 issued and pending patents surrounding remote vehicle diagnostics.

The company was founded in 1999 by Diego Borrego, its current vice-president of product engineering. Borrego’s business plan for a wireless engine monitoring system won an award in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 50K Entrepreneurship Competition. Formerly with General Motors, he designed Networkfleet to read diagnostic codes from all vehicle classes and types and to connect with various in-vehicle communications systems. From Borrego’s early design, the engineering teams at Networkfleet built a robust application that includes web-based software and advanced features. In 2006, the company was purchased by Hughes Telematics, a leader in developing telematics systems.

Networkfleet has been involved with a variety of community projects over the past 10 years. These include donating and delivering food to local fire departments during wildfires, adopting a beach in San Diego, and offering volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. Networkfleet also has undertaken a major green initiative at its corporate offices. The companywide program includes reducing waste by eliminating use of Styrofoam and plastic, reusing and recycling paper, reducing e-waste by recycling electronics, and lowering energy use.

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