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New RP covers vehicle lift cost advantages

The Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has adopted a new Recommended Practice (RP) to help fleet managers quantify the productivity improvement and return-on-investment (ROI) provided by installing vehicle lifts in Class 7-8 truck maintenance facilities.

RP 534, Guidelines for Determining Vehicle Lift Productivity Efficiencies, exited the appeals process (none were filed) on October 1, 2008, and will be published with the rest of its graduating class first quarter of 2009, according to TMC Technical Director Robert Braswell.

The RP includes a simple ROI formula that fleet managers can use to estimate additional revenue a new lift would generate or the cost savings it would provide. RP 534 includes typical ROI examples derived from and validated by independent sources that are representative for commercial vehicle maintenance operations. All examples show a reduction in preventive maintenance costs through improvements in technician productivity. Typical savings range from $27,840 to $74,472 annually per lift, after the price of the lift has been recovered.

For more information on choosing the right vehicle lift, Rotary Lift offers a free 30-page, illustrated white paper for download at

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