Omnitracs TT150 boosts fleet visibility

Omnitracs LLC has launched Omnitracs Trailer Tracks 150 (TT150), a new affordable solution for fleet managers to track trailers and cargo. This system is significantly smaller, easier to install, and more cost-effective.

TT150 enables fleet owners to manage their trailer inventory, keep cargo safe, and keep drivers on the road. It helps track of trailers stored in set locations and allows for customizable alerts that signal if a trailer has been dropped at an unauthorized site. TT150 provides fleets with these key features and benefits:

•Increased driver and tractor productivity and security with real-time monitoring of status and location of trailers and containers

•Reduction of fuel, as fleet managers do not need to search for trailers

•Better operations/planning and enhanced customer service through automated and customized reports

•Increased asset usage, trailer pool inventory, as well as addressing unauthorized use of trailers for storage purposes through access to real-time data

•Simplified installation process through mobile-friendly, peel-and-stick installation

TT150 also integrates into existing dispatch software and Omnitracs’ other fleet management applications for a seamless experience.

Access for more details.

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