OnAsset, TransCore deliver pay-per-day cargo security

OnAsset, TransCore deliver pay-per-day cargo security

OnAsset Intelligence Inc and TransCore introduced a machine-to-machine (M2M) service application that enables customers to pay for cargo security per day of active use while the cargo is in transit, letting them track and monitor high-value cargo on a per shipment basis.

For as little as $7 per day, customers can pack and ship a container with OnAsset’s ContainerSafe device, use TransCore’s complete forward and reverse logistics program, and monitor the device from point of origin to destination in real time over T-Mobile’s global network--all without paying a huge upfront capital expenditure to make it happen.

Adam Crossno, president and chief executive officer of OnAsset, said, “With this new easy-to-use turnkey solution, we are significantly impacting the visibility, security, and control our customers have within their supply chain. In addition to real-time monitoring, notification and logistics support, the ContainerSafe solution is unlocked via OnAsset’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to provide information access and back-office integration connectivity to ERP systems like SAP or Oracle. For the first time, customers have access to an all-in-one service model that complements how intermodal carriers are already doing business—by shipment.”

Designed for self-service monitoring of most shipping containers, ContainerSafe products can be equipped with multiple sensors to track location, monitor status of the container and goods inside, and deter, detect, and delay theft. Installed or removed in less than one minute, the devices are easy to use and install; no tools are required. Breach detection sensors are used to ensure that once the container is loaded, no attempts to reopen it during transit can occur without notification. Unlike one-time-use container seal locks, ContainerSafe devices are reusable and designed to be an integral component of any intermodal carrier’s cargo security strategy.

Contact OnAsset to arrange system pilot programs for ContainerSafe. For more details, visit www.onasset.com or e-mail [email protected]

Headquartered in Irving TX, OnAsset provides wireless devices and software systems to help wirelessly locate, track, connect, and manage fixed and mobile assets in real-time.

TransCore is a transportation services company with installations in 46 nations and applications of Internet-based logistic applications, RFID, GPS, and satellite communications technologies. For more information, visit www.transcore.com.

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