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Online configurator simplifies ordering

GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services' enhanced online vehicle configurator combines timely manufacturer vehicle data with an easy-to-use workflow tool. The result is significant time savings for fleet managers. Up-to-date manufacturer information and pricing makes the vehicle selection process for fleet managers fast, simple, and accurate.

This online vehicle configurator provides fleet managers with easy access to current manufacturer data and pricing to assist them in selecting vehicle make, model, and options to facilitate a smooth and accurate vehicle ordering process.

New features include a fresh, intuitive workflow layout; more vehicles; and more vehicle data available to fleet managers in conjunction with the release of manufacturer updates. Enhanced vehicle color swatches and definitions take the guesswork out of vehicle color selections. The additional ability to access ordering data for all vehicle types including medium/heavy trucks and forklifts addresses all ordering segments to ensure accurate vehicle ordering. New functions allow fleet managers to e-mail, print, and download vehicle selections to accelerate approval and ordering.

Located within GE's secure customer website Your Office @ Fleet on, this new vehicle configurator is part of a suite of modules that streamline vehicle ordering.

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