Paper discusses new LTL pricing dimension

CarrierDirect, an advisory firm for transportation and logistics companies, has released its latest white paper, The New Dimension of LTL Pricing, which discusses dimensioning technology relative to its revenue impact on the industry and accuracy of freight classification for LTL carriers, third-party logistics providers, and shippers.

“Although excellent costing tools are utilized, the accuracy of freight classification has been compromised due to changes in packaging, shipment stacking, manufacturing processes, and materials, causing a controversial relationship between shippers, intermediaries, and carriers,” said Rich Luhrs, CarrierDirect senior vice-president and white paper author. “This white paper explores dimensioners, a technology that was created to remove doubt and opportunities for error in freight clarification, thus increasing transparency and data integrity across the supply chain.”

In the white paper, CarrierDirect fully studies dimensioning technology—cases for use, benefits to the supply chain, and what the future may bring. Analyzing the overall scope of dimensioners, the piece outlines how dimensional data can identify areas of true compatibility—or lack thereof—between carriers and shippers, ease profit pinch points, and foster real partnerships, bolstering the industry’s shift toward total supply chain transparency.

“It’s important to note that the cost of dimensioning technology has been decreasing over the years, while its capabilities to minimize exceptions and increase profits for all parties have been increasing, making it more readily available to small, regional, and niche carriers,” said Erik Malin, executive vice-president of CarrierDirect. “As with any technology, however, good communication, new processes and training are key to successfully implementing a dimensioning program.”

In the white paper, CarrierDirect explains how dimensioners will ultimately result in greater data accuracy, transparency, and profitability for all parties due to the technology’s ability to combine precise weight, height, width, and depth using laser or photographs and annex this detail to the customer freight bill.

To read the full report, click here.

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