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PeopleNet In-Cab Navigation reduces excess fuel expense

PeopleNet announced that its newly enhanced In-Cab Navigation powered by Maptuit NaviGo reduces excess fuel expense due to out-of-route miles.

Rick Ochsendorf, senior vice-president of operations and product management, said, “The recent spike in fuel costs makes it imperative to closely manage out-of-route mileage that leads to excessive fuel costs. Route Compliance and Dispatch Compliance information helps managers compare routes that Navigo suggests with routes actually taken and alerts them in real time when a driver deviates.”

Fleets will have the option to use Route Compliance if In-Cab Navigation is not integrated to their dispatch system. Route Compliance compares the GPS trail with individual NaviGo routes, and daily or weekly route compliance reports reveal individual stop-to-stop routes requested and identify out-of-route miles for each driver. Integrated fleets will benefit from the Dispatch Compliance application that focuses on complete dispatches to all delivery points as created by the back-office dispatch system and identifies out-of-route miles for each driver (whether or not they requested directions).

The Navigo portal may be used to compare the suggested route and the vehicle’s GPD breadcrumbs.

When a driver deviates a specified distance from the route, a real-time email alert is sent.

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