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PeopleNet enhances In-Cab Navigation

PeopleNet enhances In-Cab Navigation

PeopleNet has announced enhancements for its In-Cab Navigation, powered by Maptuit NaviGo, that make it easier for both drivers and back-office personnel to use.

Yard Shaper is a new feature that helps the back office make routing decisions for directing drivers to the correct entrance and delivery spot. It outlines the shape of an arrival point within a large area and identifies the position within the location. Drivers know exactly where to enter the delivery area, where to park, and where to exit. Custom notes associated with a yard or customer location may be available to the driver as either a graphical or spoken command. For example, as the driver approaches a location, NaviGo can verbally direct the driver to the appropriate loading dock.

PeopleNet and Maptuit have built additional back-office integration to allow fleets to identify out-of-route mileage by matching actual driven location data with prescribed routes, thereby flagging cases of non-compliant driving. By providing tools to analyze these situations, fleets can quickly identify route compliance issues by vehicle and driver, and make corrections to reduce extra driven miles.

New improvements based on driver feedback also have been incorporated into version 3.3: preview improvements that provide drivers a more complete view of their routes, a direction arrow, decision points, stop details, estimated drive time between stops, and road names with numbers.

The “Route Preview” function enables a route sent through PeopleNet’s Automated Workflow to be displayed on the device along with route stops and driving directions for each.

The new “Recent Searches” button provides the ability to save time routing to regular stops. Drivers now can make changes to the vehicle type, hazmat class and route preference (time vs mileage-sensitive). They also can more easily provide feedback that helps keep the routing software up to date.

Pressing the new “Mark-It” button marks the time, date, and approximate location where it was pressed. After completing their route, drivers can select the “Feedback” button and one of the marked locations to enter feedback, or they can select “General Feedback” to provide generic product or route feedback. More than 100,000 drivers send feedback regularly.

Provided on the PeopleNet BLU and TABLET onboard computing platforms, In-Cab Navigation, powered by NaviGo, calculates the least costly, door-to-door route while delivering the most up-to-date directions to any destination, and supplying live moving maps.

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