Platform simplifies DOT medical exams

Pass My Physical, a technology company providing cloud-based solutions that are empowering the trucking industry, has launched a new platform that streamlines and eliminates most delays associated with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination process.

This platform consists of a mobile application for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and a web application for motor carriers. The mobile application makes it easy for CMV drivers to fulfill their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) medical exam requirements. Once their information is added into the mobile application, it populates the exam form, which can be printed at any time.

CMV drivers not only understand what they need for their exam, but they’re also provided with regular reminders as well as solutions such as personalized medical clearance letters to ensure they have everything ready before the exam. Drivers can use their mobile app independently or interactively with their motor carrier’s web application.

Through the web application, motor carriers can track the exam status for all of their drivers. They also receive notifications when drivers update their certification status; when a Medical Examiner (ME) certificate is about to expire; and whenever changes in medical regulation or guidance occur.

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