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Purfresh provides Intellipur service packages

Purfresh has announced a series of subscription packages for its Intellipur web-based informatics that give ocean carriers the option to choose the level of visibility and control that best matches their risk management profile and business objectives.

The three different packages include detailed post-voyage reports, real-time load protection monitoring, and an option to offer the full breadth of Intellipur capabilities under the ocean carrier’s own corporate brand.

Designed to integrate with—and enhance the value of—the company’s Purfresh Transport system, Intellipur provides information transparency and offers insight into, and control over, conditions of produce being shipped in refrigerated marine containers. These are the package details:

Information Package—Standard subscription to Intellipur offering detailed post-trip reports that document the temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and ozone levels that occurred during the voyage. The report also includes departure and arrival times, the travel path, and a log of trip events, including defrost, door open/close and power on/off. Armed with this package, ocean carriers benefit from enhanced on-voyage reporting and improved recordkeeping.

Insight Package—Subscribers to the Insight option benefit from real-time load protection monitoring and alerts. When unexpected conditions occur, such as a change in environmental levels above or below the threshold, automatic notifications will be sent via e-mail, allowing subscribing ocean carriers minimize cargo damage by taking corrective action while the container is in transit. Location-based GPS monitoring allows subscribers to receive automatic notifications throughout a container’s voyage—such as at port departure and/or port arrival—based on either user-defined geo-fences or prebuilt geo-fences, which cover every major port worldwide. All monitoring and alerting includes role-based access and security, allowing each authorized user to select only the information desired. This package was designed specifically to help ocean carriers mitigate on-voyage risk.

Inclusive Package—The Inclusive Package includes the full feature set of Intellipur—trip reports and real-time alerts and monitoring—with the added option of co-branding the web-based service to match a carrier’s corporate brand.

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