RedLine Packing provides Vision System

A new Vision System that supports multiple print heads is making fresh produce labeling even more efficient for RedLine Packing users.

The Vision System, which offers a unique system for applying case labels based on automated visual case identification, will allow users to print up to five individual labels for a single box or for stacked box configurations.

Users can set up pack runs with existing Vision System box layout and detail information, or create new information at the time of setup. When a new layout is created, the Vision System reminds the user to train the system before proceeding to use the layout in a pack run, avoiding any mid-run issues. The Vision System can also be started or stopped on any line directly from a browser interface.

The Vision System enhancements are part of updates to the RedLine suite of inventory and traceability products.

Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of Redline, said, “We continually strive to streamline processes. Our Vision System provides customers with a new dimension of productivity, enhancing labeling as well as reporting capabilities. With these updates, our RedLine Packing users have more control and flexibility than ever before.”

To learn more about RedLine Packing, a full traceability and physical inventory management system for shed packed products, visit the Solutions page of the RedLine website.

RedLine has provided inventory and whole chain traceability systems for growers, packers, and shippers for 15 years. With more than 120 fresh produce installations across North America, RedLine provides all hardware, software, services, and supplies needed. Access for further details.

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