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RiskCheckNow offers insight on new hires

Companies that transport goods and services now have new insight into the people they hire. RiskCheckNow has been introduced in the transportation market to ensure employers have the right information about potential drivers’ backgrounds and safety records.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle crashes cost employers approximately $60 billion annually. One on-the-job injury crash can cost employers $74,000.

RiskCheckNow provides employers with insight into a driver’s history. The information is accessed by web or through high-volume machine-to-machine transactions.

This technology links businesses with more than 3,000 information sources across the nation, providing insight in near real-time. Employers have flexible search capabilities by name, date of birth, social security or driver’s license number, and ZIP code. Watches can also be placed on individuals and alerts sent when someone is tracked in one of its data sources.

RiskCheckNow helps businesses mitigate risk by providing insight into individuals’ history. It provides support to multiple industries such as transportation, financial, insurance, collections, and retail. RiskCheckNow provides the ability to manage and mitigate risk to businesses and ultimately the communities they serve.

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