Roadnet Anywhere Tracking app keeps constant tabs on drivers

Roadnet Technologies, the Omnitracs company specializing in transportation logistics software, has announced the launch of its Roadnet Anywhere Tracking application.
A complimentary web-based workforce tracking application, Roadnet Anywhere Tracking offers fleet managers an “always-on” level of visibility into their drivers’ work day and real-time location through GPS positioning. Roadnet Anywhere Tracking requires no additional hardware and can be installed across a range of smart phones and tablets to give fleets instant visibility into drivers and assets in the field.
Roadnet Anywhere Tracking enables fleets to track their workforce to see how drivers are performing out on the road. Having an instant and clear view of location and performance data allows managers to quickly identify undesirable behaviors such as speeding, accruing extra miles, or making unplanned stops—and provide an opportunity for coaching to remedy it.
Besides workforce visibility, Roadnet Anywhere Tracking includes several exceptions that can be uniquely configured to the fleet’s business model to define exception thresholds including max speed exceeded, GPS gap, late GPS, road speed exceeded, drivers out of contact, or stationary too long.
“With access to real-time, actionable insights from the Roadnet Anywhere Tracking application, fleets are in direct control of their vehicles while en route, which allows them to always be connected to their workforce, make better business decisions, and improve customer service,” said Kevin Haugh, vice-president and general manager of Roadnet Technologies.
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