Roadranger Academy offers training modules

The Roadranger organization is offering computer-based training modules through the group’s Roadranger Academy to commercial vehicle service providers who want to increase their knowledge of drivetrain and hybrid systems. Easily accessed 24 hours a day at, the modules allow users to work at whatever pace they desire.

Computer-based training modules for Roadranger systems are available for:

•Fuller transmission preventive maintenance training.

•Spicer driveline preventive maintenance training.

•Fuller clutch preventive maintenance training.

•Hybrid electric power systems service training.

•Fuller automated transmission service and diagnostic training.

“The modules may be purchased in any quantity that best fits an organization’s needs,” said Jim Sahli, director of field sales and marketing for Roadranger.

Yearly subscriptions, which give subscribers unlimited access to all of the Roadranger modules, also are available for purchase. Purchasing a subscription gives technicians who are registered under one organization access to all of the modules and associated tests for 12 months.

Once training has been completed on any one module, it will no longer be available. Customers with multiple technicians are encouraged to purchase enough programs to ensure that everyone receives training.

For more information, visit

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