Ryder upgrades RydeSmart system

Ryder upgrades RydeSmart system

Ryder System Inc (NYSE:R) has launched RydeSmart 3.0, the next generation of its onboard telematics system RydeSmart, which has been enhanced to provide greater usability and vehicle intelligence to fleet management end users.

The new RydeSmart 3.0 is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) product, making it even easier to access and monitor fleets anytime, anywhere.

RydeSmart is a GPS fleet location, tracking, and vehicle performance management system offered to Ryder’s full-service lease customers. A compact hardware and software unit installed in the vehicle and connected to computer and diagnostics systems, RydeSmart communicates wirelessly via a dedicated and secure connection to a web-based application that can be accessed by fleet, safety, and driver managers.

Key new features of RydeSmart 3.0 include:

•Improved user interface—An improved look and feel allows for easier navigation around the system.

•Enhanced mapping capability—A new map engine provides faster transitions between maps, improved detail, and a “bird’s eye view” of tracked vehicles with the ability to obtain a street-level perspective.

•Multi-vehicle following and route tracing—RydeSmart 3.0 can follow multiple vehicles simultaneously and trace their routes traveled on the map.

•Vehicle history playback—It shows a vehicle’s 48-hour history and includes a slider with play and pause options.

•Traffic monitoring—Information on traffic conditions is available in real-time, with four color codes representing traffic intensity.

•Analytic reporting—A new analytics capability provides extensive fleet, safety, and travel data for vehicles.

National pizza franchise Hungry Howie’s Inc uses RydeSmart in its 22 leased Ryder vehicles to gain greater visibility into the management of its fleet, which covers more than 1.5 million miles a year.

“I can select a vehicle and then put in the destination address to find the estimated time of arrival and mileage, all without bothering the driver,” said George Speshock, Hungry Howie’s transportation manager. “Our drivers love not having to complete paper logs, and our CSA scores [Compliance, Safety, Accountability program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration] are among the very best, with the help of RydeSmart.”

For more information, visit www.rydesmart.ryder.com.

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