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Shippers control LTL freight via OrangeHub

Schneider has some big news about small shipments: The transportation and logistics services company has created OrangeHub Powered by Schneider, a one-stop online shop to get less-than-truckload (LTL) freight moving in a flash.

The firm created this intuitive tool to help today’s shippers quote, select and get LTL freight out the door fast.

OrangeHub Powered by Schneider is a customer portal that puts shippers in control of their LTL freight in three quick steps:

•Quote it—Answer a few questions about the freight (what it is, where it’s going and when it needs to leave/arrive), and available rates will appear from a variety of carriers. Unsure about weights and classifications? Engineers are available to help make sure everything is accurate, and past orders will be saved for future use, making the process even quicker the next time.

•Book it—Select the carrier and price that works best for the business.

•Track it—Follow the freight with comprehensive visibility, including estimated delivery times (updated regularly), direct access to the LTL terminals handling the freight and access to past data and history.

From start to finish, LTL shippers have full control of the process. The 24/7 accessibility from mobil phone, tablet or desktop computer keeps business moving day or night.

New and current LTL customers can access OrangeHub by registering and logging into their account on To learn more about quoting, booking and tracking in one convenient place, watch how OrangeHub Powered by Schneider makes LTL easy.

Access for full details.

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