Simulator trains drivers properly, affordably

J J Keller & Associates Inc has made available its new SAFE•Sim truck driving simulator, combining driver training and technology in a virtual training environment. A PC-based simulator, it provides affordable, customizable hands-on training.

Like flight simulators for pilots, SAFE•Sim puts drivers behind the wheel, allowing them to “drive” a tractor-trailer truck, tank truck, or straight truck through a virtual world of busy city streets, interstates/free ways, two-lane highways, mountain roads, construction work zones, railroad crossings, and other environments that can present hazards.

Drivers will also experience a variety of high-risk or emergency situations, including aggressive motorists, vehicles entering/blocking roadways, sliding on ice, tire blowout, shifting/surging cargo, and brake fade/failure. SAFE•Sim provides a simulated environment with routes based on actual United States geological survey maps.

During the simulator's interactive situations, drivers will sharpen specific driving skills including hazard perception, defensive driving, situational awareness, speed and space management, braking, mirror use, cornering, emergency maneuvers, skid control, and recovery and crash avoidance.

The simulator also records driver errors so that trainers and drivers can review them later to assess driver deficiencies and determine if additional training is required. Companies can also use the review/scoring feature to set company-specific standards for current drivers and to screen potential drivers.

SAFE•Sim comes fully operational, ready to be run on a multi-media desktop computer. It includes a steering wheel, gas/brake pedals, software, and an instructor's guide.

For more information, phone 800-327-6868 or visit

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