SmartIQ converts data into value-drivers

SmartDrive Systems has introduced the SmartIQ Transportation Intelligence Suite, which transforms massive volumes of data generated by commercial fleets into real-time actionable information, predictive analysis, and prescriptive actions that drive measurable value for their businesses.

The foundation of the new suite is SmartDrive’s video analytics platform, which combines a variety of data, in high-volume and at high-velocity, to provide the missing intelligence link for fleets—definitive driver performance data combined with vehicle systems data.

A cornerstone of the SmartIQ Suite is the SmartIQ Engine, comprising intelligent algorithms, predictive models, and advanced analytics developed from SmartDrive’s proprietary database of more than 140 million analyzed and scored driving events, and delivering transportation intelligence focused on improving outcomes.

Designed to meet the needs of experts and non-experts alike, the SmartIQ Suite offers actionable operational metrics, management KPIs, reports, and dashboards for managers; interactive visualizations for advanced analysis; and the ability to export data and integrate into an existing intelligence stack. Fleets have the flexibility to align the SmartIQ Suite to their overall transportation intelligence strategy and adapt it over time, as their needs evolve.

The SmartIQ Suite consists of:

•SmartIQ Packs—the Fundamentals pack delivers reports and data visualizations conveying performance metrics, SmartIQ scores, and a variety of operational management reports, and is included in every SmartDrive program; the optional Pro pack goes deeper for the experts, leveraging Tableau Software to incorporate interactive visualizations, “what-if” analysis, and advanced analytics.

•SmartIQ Streams—data feeds of driver, vehicle, and driving performance data collected by the SmartDrive video analytics platform for use by third-party intelligence solutions.

•SmartIQ Services—professional services for custom analytics and visualization development by experts.

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