SmartTraxx product line adds GO LUX to give users sharper “eyes on the road”

Locus Traxx Worldwide, provider of real-time temperature and location monitoring of perishables and high-value shipments, announces the newest addition to the SmartTraxx product line, the GO LUX.
“The GO LUX adds a new capability to the SmartTraxx GO product line, giving you eyes on the road,” said David Benjamin, chief executive officer of Locus Traxx Worldwide. “Combining our original award-winning real-time temperature and location technology with a highly sensitive light sensor, the GO LUX detects unauthorized access to your products during transit. Whether your product is at the border, a DOT checkpoint, or the receiver’s dock, you know in real-time when and where your cargo is being accessed as well as the temperature throughout the trip.”
GO LUX gives access to global visibility for real-time monitoring of location, temperature, and security so the user is in control of the supply chain while at the same time products are protected in transit. Real-time business intelligence combined with its quick and simple installation and worldwide recyclable platforms are hallmarks of GO LUX.
Ths product has been making waves among the IoT (Internet of Things) industry and was recognized as the 2015 IoT Evolution Magazine “Product of the Year.” Locus Traxx Worldwide showcased GO LUX at the recent United Fresh Show in Chicago IL.
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