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SpendEdge report focuses on warehousing services

SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has released its Global Warehousing Services Category—Procurement Market Intelligence Report.

Recent developments in the pharmaceutical industry have led to the emergence of biologic drugs that need to be stored under controlled temperature. Catering to this need, the refrigerated warehousing services are projected to witness substantial demand growth in the years to follow. The consumer’s increasing preference for online shopping is compelling e-retail companies to develop adequate warehousing facilities, which is contributing to the category spend momentum.

Europe is witnessing a flux in online retail sales, thus leading the e-commerce industry to improve warehousing facilities to keep up with demand. This is driving the category demand in several European nations. The thriving e-commerce industry is also responsible for the category demand in the United States. The months of November and December are the primary shopping season during which the spend rate increases considerably.

Insights offered in this warehousing services procurement research report will aid in forecasting the spend growth of this category. Such information is relevant for both buyers and suppliers who seek a risk-free but profitable procurement strategy. Insights on category spend segmentation will guide investors in identifying the best investment areas as well as help them identify cost-saving opportunities.

“It is advised that before partnering with suppliers, buyers must compare the number of employees that a supplier has with the size of the facility to avail efficient services,” said SpendEdge procurement expert Tridib Bora.

This warehousing services procurement research report has estimated these cost drivers will influence the category growth in the coming years:

•Engaging with suppliers offering service bundling will maximize buyers’ cost savings.

•Adoption of latest technology is expected to reduce suppliers’ labor requirements.

See www.spendedge.com/request-free-proposal for more details.

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