Spireon offers solar-powered tracking

Spireon Inc, the provider of GPS-based vehicle telematics and business intelligence solutions, announced its first solar-powered trailer and asset telematics solution.

This self-powered solution is compatible with a range of transportation vehicles and equipment, including vans and intermodal applications such as containers. Upon installation, users tap into a renewable energy source that powers Spireon FleetLocate’s Rich Data telematics solution that was pioneered more than six years ago.

The new trailer-mounted all-in-one solar panel and telematics unit is easily installed in less than 20 minutes. From maximizing the operating life of the internal battery with solar recharging, Spireon’s new solar-powered hardware integrates with the Spireon FleetLocate solution, providing businesses with real-time location visibility and Rich Data for their trailers and assets.

The solar-powered telematics unit is designed to ensure maximum durability both on and off the road. Trailers and assets can now gather telematics information without drawing power from an external battery, providing a more reliable and continuous power source to the unit’s rechargeable battery.

This creates an ideal solution in providing reliable trailer visibility when hooked to a tractor going down the road or unhooked sitting in a yard. The reliable energy source can maintain connection to assets and trailers that remain dormant for extended periods.

General availability for the new solar-powered Spireon FleetLocate solution is scheduled for fourth quarter 2016.

Learn more at www.spireon.com.

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