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SpotSee, BCDS target Internet of logistics

SpotSee and Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions (BCDS) have teamed up to target the Internet of logistics.

The companies have recently collaborated to develop the SpotBot BLE, a transport data logger that measures and transmits impact, tilt, temperature and humidity through Bluetooth communication.

SpotBot BLE is a simple and reliable way to bring transparency to the supply chain. The device operates using hardware and engineering support from Bosch that is connected and displayed through the SpotSee mobile application.

Alarm thresholds for each parameter measured by the SpotBot BLE (impact, tilt, temperature, and humidity) can be individually configured based on sensitivities of products being transported. At the end of the journey, data from the device is easily downloaded to the mobile application to quickly identify potential damage caused by threshold violations and to understand where violations might have occurred.

SpotSee is an end-to-end solution that helps users spot damage in their assets and see it in real time using best-in-class hardware, low-cost connectivity, device management and cloud-based analytics.

The company’s devices monitor shock, vibration, temperature and other environmental conditions through brands including ShockWatch, ShockLog, SpotBot OpsWatch and WarmMark. The firm has a global network of more than 300 sales and technical service partners in 62 nations.

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