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StarTrak bolsters its intellectual property

Alanco Technologies Inc.'s subsidiary StarTrak Systems has added three key patent applications to its intellectual property portfolio. This portfolio now totals 14 pending and issued patents covering functionality related to wireless refrigerated transport monitoring, including:

  • Sensing rapid reefer fuel loss and monitoring refueling events, allowing operators to detect leakage or theft and evaluate fuel consumption and costs.

  • Capability to remotely broadcast multiple reefer power “on” and “off” settings, eliminating operator involvement.

  • Remote temperature setting to ensure reefer temperature is consistent with shipment documentation.

  • Monitoring wireless pre-cooling, loading, and unloading notifications, allowing users to evaluate idle time and excess fuel usage at loading and unloading facilities.

  • Remote geofenced inventory reporting of reefer trailers by customer location, and their associated service state.

  • Capability to generate standard freight messages based on freight asset behavior.

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