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Sysco selects DriveCam for fleet

DriveCam Inc, a global driver risk management company, announced that Sysco Corporation has made a five-year commitment to deploy DriveCam’s Driver Risk Management system in its entire fleet of 9,000 vehicles.

Houston TX-based foodservice distributor Sysco delivers 1.2 billion cases of food and related products through 186 distribution facilities to 400,000 customers every year. Sysco selected DriveCam to help prevent collisions, protect Sysco against faulty claims, and lower operational costs. This deployment is a result of two flawless trial programs, which validated the power of DriveCam’s video-based system for delivering bottom-line results.

By combining sight and sound, expert analysis, and driver coaching, DriveCam has reduced vehicle damages, worker compensation, and personal injury costs by more than 50% and fuel consumption by up to 10% in more than 130,000 commercial and government vehicles. DriveCam has analyzed data from more than 2 billion driving miles and holds the world’s largest database of more than 17 million actual risky driving events, which the company uses to continually improve its proprietary analytics and scoring.

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