System lets carriers track detention time

SkyBitz has announced its new Detention Management Solution designed to enable users to improve detention awareness, customer relations, and faster trailer turn time.

This system automatically monitors trailers stopped at customer locations and sends notifications according to set detention rules. It provides an actionable view of all trailers in detention by location.

The Detention Management Solution delivers:

•Automated monitoring for trailer detention

•Awareness of detention events

•Reduced driver idle time resulting in reduced frustration and lowered fuel costs

•Configurable automatic detention alert notifications when free time is set to expire (with management of weekends and holidays)

•Recording of detention details for detention billing

•Ability to associate multiple contract profiles to a landmark location

•Integration into TMS/ERP systems for detention billing

A common challenge carrier operations face is having to manually track the status of dropped trailers at the consignee location and relying on the consignee for updates. Consignees often misuse the trailer for storage, and they do not have incentive to notify the carrier it’s available. When a carrier finally notices the situation and attempts to charge the shipper for detention time, either too much time has passed and or not enough data exists to support the claim.

The Detention Management Solution can alleviate these circumstances by providing information needed to avoid detention billing. Carriers can get their trailers back sooner by knowing the detention time more accurately, becoming alerted, and notifying customers.

See or call 1-877-275-9248 for further information.

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