TMW Imaging version 3.1.0 is released

TMW Systems Inc. has reported the release of TMW Imaging version 3.1.0. This robust, no-frills document management application has become the most popular integrated imaging software among TMWSuite customers and is also available with integrations for enterprise software packages TruckMate, as well as TL2000 for the IBM System i.

The newest features of TMW Imaging version 3.1.0 are now available as an upgrade for existing customers working with earlier versions of the application.

Major new features in version 3.1.0 were developed both in response to customer requests and as planned enhancements. They include: support for outbound faxing through Faxcore; ability to e-mail invoices as links instead of attachments, which allows tracking of exactly when an invoice is retrieved; and status reports for outbound faxes where users receive an e-mail when a fax has been sent successfully or failed. In addition, the product's look and feel has been overhauled for an enhanced, user-friendly appearance.

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