TMW integrates 3G-TM into its systems

TMW Systems announced the integration of the 3G-TM rating engine and advanced load planning/optimization features into the company’s TMWSuite and TruckMate TMS systems. This enhancement enables non-asset and blended transportation businesses to quickly and accurately model customer and carrier rate contracts across all modes and minimize the complexity associated with planning, executing and managing shipments.

The 3G-TM rating engine and optimization algorithm were developed under the direction of TMS pioneer Mitch Weseley. In addition to serving the needs of brokers and 3PLs, integration of these capabilities into the TMWSuite and TruckMate platforms provides the first single-source solutions for running both asset-based and non-asset transportation service organizations.

This new TMW with Enhanced Rating feature for truckload, LTL and parcel shipments enables TMWSuite and TruckMate users to more quickly and accurately calculate actual costs in advance for carrier/service selection. The tool helps brokers, 3PLs and other users more easily plan executable loads, reduce freight expense and manage complex carrier and customer contracts that can translate to improved margins. By leveraging both 3G-TM rating and planning through their TMW platforms, users can support electronic order entry uploads, better analyze spot markets and cover more loads through operational efficiencies.

The TMW with Advanced Load Planning feature is built around a set of algorithms designed to minimize transportation spend and enhance service levels to customers. Users can factor in all modes and carriers as well as multi-stops and pool distributions in building optimal, executable loads based on savings, real-time constraints, parameters and routing guides. It easily accommodates multiple, rapid changes in orders.

For further information, see or call 800-401-6682.

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