Tool simplifies applying for driver jobs has redesigned its web-based driver application to allow driver applicants to retrieve data entered in previous employment applications when applying for new driving jobs.

For drivers considering a job change, is a bit of good news. As the web-based application tool continues to rapidly expand the number of carriers who use it, drivers are benefiting by being able shorten the time it takes to complete an FMCSA-compliant employment application. The latest update allows drivers to instantly recall information from previous job applications they completed, reducing the time it takes to fill out the necessary documents by as much as 80% when applying for new driving jobs.

Drivers still need to authorize each of the consent forms, as well as electronically sign the application and other documents. However, they do not need to re-enter all their historical data, such as past employers, accidents, and traffic convictions. Likewise, the online application simplifies updating historical data by allowing the applicant to easily append old data with newer information such as adding recent employers and employment gaps.

As part of the total package, also provides support for drivers who need help completing an application for any of its client carriers. Support can sometimes include taking an application over the phone for drivers who don’t have access to a mobile device or computer. applications are anticipated to replace the paper-based application processes for an increasing number of carriers due to the low cost and ease of implementation. The mobile-ready driver application and consent forms can be customized and rolled out in minutes without IT support.

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