TQL’s Carrier Dashboard 4.1 mobile app gives drivers speak-and-search power

Voice search is fast, convenient, and helps alleviate typos on small mobile device screens—and now it’s available to truck drivers on the road searching for loads to haul.
Carrier Dashboard 4.1 is a mobile application for the trucking industry that offers speak-and-search technology. The app, released by Total Quality Logistics (TQL), has been in development for more than a year and features an industry-specific vocabulary tailored to moving freight. The goal: save time for drivers on the road and help them find freight more easily.
This app uses a form of artificial intelligence to continuously improve performance, along with recognizing regional accents and filtering out most ambient noise. The more drivers use the app, the better it gets. When it’s time to head home, drivers simply ask the app to “Take Me Home,” and it will find them a load heading back to their destination.
TQL introduced mobile freight-finding applications to carriers in 2011, with carriers using it about 40,000 times that first year. App use grew more than 1,000% in 2014.
Carrier Dashboard 4.1 is available for Apple and Android devices on the app store or Google Play.
Features of this app include:
•New speak-and-search technology to find loads and “Take Me Home” to find backhauls
•Loaded with industry-specific vocabulary—words such as van, load, and reefer
•Regional accent recognition
•Filters out most ambient noise
•Uses a form of artificial intelligence to continuously improve performance
•Ability to send manual or automated location updates
•GPS tracking to yield better search results
•Automatic alerts when desired loads and lanes become available
•Document scanning and paperwork receipt status updates
•Payment status updates
Connect with TQL on the web at www.TQL.com.

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