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TransCore expands GlobalWave portfolio

TransCore introduces a series of new features to its line of GlobalWave satellite products and services for in-cab communications and trailer tracking.

The firm expands its portfolio of GlobalWave technology options to include: the Slap & Track mobile terminal with field-replaceable battery packs; the addition of a stop-start sensor to all GlobalWave mobile terminals ; and the enhanced CabLink system, with Windows-ready notebook PC, integrated Google maps, and optional electronic driver logs.

TransCore's 100 percent satellite communications Slap & Track mobile terminals are now available with field replaceable battery packs that come in various sizes, enabling a fleet to select the appropriate battery for their service needs.

The new stop-start sensor provides important trailer status information. In addition to knowing if the trailer is parked or moving, users can select different location reporting intervals based on trailer motion. This information, combined with TransCore's geofencing capabilities, which creates invisible fences around key locations as defined by customers, provides comprehensive trailer visibility to fleet managers.

CabLink now comes with:

  • A rugged, compact Windows-based, WiFi ready notebook that replaces the previous handheld keypad device.

  • Integrated Google maps.

  • Expanded reporting capabilities to include the optional feature of electronic driver logs for accurate, auditable hours-of-service reporting.

Access for more details.

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