TransCore launches 3sixty Freight Match Express

TransCore has launched 3sixty Freight Match Express for small brokers, shippers, and carriers, giving them full access to the DAT Network at service levels fitting their business needs. 3sixty Freight Match Express comes in two packages:

•3sixty Express Lite is designed specifically for small brokers or shippers that want to quickly post loads or locate the safest, most reliable carriers. Customers get unlimited load posting, as well as automatic e-mail alerts when matches are posted. In addition, they can advertise freight availability to truckers at local truckstops and search for potential business partners using the customer directory.

•TransCore’s related value product, 3sixty Express Select, is intended for small carriers and brokers with assets. 3sixty Express Select includes all the features found in 3sixty Lite, as well as unlimited load searching and truck posting, plus e-mail notification of matches.

Additionally, 3sixty Freight Match Select includes several bonus programs: CarrierWatch, which provides automated FMCSA safety ratings, as well as DOT authority and insurance monitoring to reduce back-office support and time spent validating carriers. 3sixty Express provides all customers with conflict resolution services; Select also provides carrier customers with TransCore’s guaranteed payment program.

With 3sixty Freight Match Express, customers can automatically activate their monthly subscription by signing up online at

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