Transervice Integrated Solutions is launched

Effective immediately, Transervice Logistics Inc is announcing its launch of tech-based freight management entity Transervice Integrated Solutions, also known as TIS. Based in downtown Los Angeles CA, the entity will leverage its proprietary technology to fulfill company backhauls and provide freight management and brokerage services.

TIS was formed through the acquisition of logistics technology company Logistadvise Inc. Logistadvise was originally founded by Eric Spearin and Radek Duda. The acquisition provides the TIS team with a proprietary software platform that emphasizes automation, efficiency, and cost-savings when executing shipments.

The platform is accessible at and consists of a TMS, Freight Marketplace, Live Load Tracking, Freight and Capacity Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting. Additionally, the entire platform is EDI- and API-ready and can be integrated into existing industry software. Clients have the option of allowing their shipments to be processed by TIS or to use the platform themselves to leverage their own operations. has already been operational to a select number of clients since October 2015, and is now available to the public.

Transervice has been providing transportation solutions since 1969. Dealing with a substantial number of fleets at 120 locations across North America, it handles more than 24,000 road vehicles of every configuration.

To learn more, see For those interested in TIS as a client or carrier, email [email protected] or call 844-744-7847.

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