TransIT cuts truck management costs

New cloud-based transportation managent system (TMS) program TransIT promises efficient truck management without the usual high associated costs. That means a 97% savings on overhead costs for users. This software works online enabling users to operate and manage it from anywhere in the world with Internet connection.

“If you are worried about the usual high overhead costs of owning and maintaining a transport management system, our TransIT is the best alternative for you. Unlike regular in hosted solutions, it is a completely web-based program, which means lesser hardware and no requirement of the local support staff for you,” said K L Zach, founder of TransIT.

A professional trucker with a certified commercial driver license, Zach aimed to develop a high-end technology solution to help carrier companies improve their businesses—and thus TransIT was born.

“It has always been our goal to help our carrier friends with an ultimate online TMS, and TransIT duly mirrors our philosophy,” he said. “Be it just one single truck or thousands of trucks, our solution will help you with the most efficient management of your fleet to enable you to make it big with your business. The low overhead costs assured by our online solution make the process way easier for you.”

TransIT can cater to all sizes of business and there are separate packages for owner-operators, small carriers, mid-size carriers, and large carriers.

This integrated TMS has all the features needed for an efficient truck management including help with order processing, load planning and dispatch, LTL orders, billing and invoice, vehicle management, fuel management, document management, payroll, load tracking, and truck routing. The software also takes care of DOT compliance and IFTA compliance for the user carrier company.

TransIT solution can also be operated through mobile with its new app, user-friendly software that can be used by anybody with basic computing skills. Moreover, armed with SSL layer and free updates to the app, it assures complete data security for users.

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