Transport America implements ALK Maps with Weather Alerts module

ALK, a Trimble company, announced that Transport America has implemented its ALK Maps platform with the Weather Alerts module.
This implementation fully automates Transport America’s process for curating potentially hazardous weather events, alerting fleet leaders and drivers of weather alerts and identifying future undispatched loads and projected routes that might also be affected.
As a result, Transport America will be able to produce more accurate weather alerts that can empower its team to make educated decisions to help keep drivers and freight safe and optimize fleet utilization in the face of weather disruptions.
“After last year’s harsh winter, we were looking for a tool to keep our trucks safer and moving in bad weather,” said Tom Benusa, chief information officer of Transport America. “We were stuck manually and intermittently reviewing weather information and eyeballing what trucks it might affect. ALK was able to provide us the tools to build exactly what we needed.  Weather information is now systematically automated to meet our three goals: to keep drivers safe, to keep their cargo safe, and to ensure that our assets are optimally utilized. We’ve been very impressed with the functionality so far and know that we’ll be able to expand our capabilities as we continue to use the platform.”
ALK Maps Weather Alerts pulls in severe weather alert information directly from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Transport America has integrated this module with its internal alert system. The system runs across Transport America’s entire fleet every 20 minutes and offers fleet leaders real-time data they need to identify new weather-related issues for specific trucks. This information enables them to confidently make critical safety decisions based on where their drivers are and where they are headed. Transport America’s Customer Service team is provided weather-related insight for their projected routes up to three times daily.
Weather Alerts can be purchased as an additional module for the ALK Maps or PC*MILER Web Services platforms.
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