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TrukSafe America has tools for driver safety

The United States Department of Transportation counted 4,732 fatal large-truck crashes nationwide in 2006. Scottsdale AZ-based TrukSafe America is working to significantly lower that number by offering trucking company owners life-saving knowledge through a book for drivers and safety managers.

Economics and Safety for the Trucking Industry provides concrete information about how companies can effectively implement safety regulations internally and still increase their bottom line. It covers major issues for trucking companies including hiring and retention, driver health, accident prevention, and safety goals. Each chapter illustrates best practices and how companies that provide more knowledge to drivers can significantly and positively impact the bottom line.

TrukSafe America also offers a supplemental guide for truck drivers. 100 Tips for Truck Drivers is a written and audio format system. Drivers are instructed to listen to the audio CD as they drive and later review written materials and take the included quizzes to ensure maximum information retention.

100 Tips for Truck Drivers CD and accompanying documents are available for $10 on An additional certification for completion of the program is available through TrukSafe America for $10. Economics and Safety for the Trucking Industry is offered on the same website for $30.

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